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Tintagel horses are both actors and models; they can both ‘strike a pose’ or ‘run through a scene’.  Unlike other tricked trained horses, Tintagel horses are taught on set safety basics, basic modeling tricks, basic acting tricks and specialty tricks.  Every Tintagel horse acquires the training basics and then is allowed to excel at a specialty.  For a full list of modeling and acting terms, please see the glossary of terms for both horse models and horse actors below.

Tintagel horses are versatile modeling
and acting professionals.

We usually have many foals/babies available that are set trained as well as a few older animals.

We also have many up and coming young stars that will be added to our roster of actors and models soon.

Groups of horses are available as well.

Click for a complete list of Tintagel Horses and their talents.

The Actors Glossary of Terms – A List of Tricks

Specialties: A horse is described as having a “specialty” if they have a particular skill they
excel at and enjoy to the point they can do it for long periods of time.

Bow on one knee: The horse bows on one knee with other front leg extended, head in
variable positions. Can be done bending either right or left knee.

Kneel: Horse kneels on both knees, either with head tucked, or head extended out to ground.

Plie: Horse extends both front legs and leans back, head tucked.

Lay down: Horse lays down, can either be out flat or curled up. Horse can switch back
and forth between positions to simulate a sick animal.

Sit up: Horse sits on haunches like a dog.  Horse gets into position usually from the
lay down position. Can also be done from a standing position.

Rear: Horse rears up, varying heights. Can be a low hop or fully vertical.
Can be held for varying lengths of time. Can be done with front legs folded or
legs extended. Can turn into...

Hind Leg Walk: Horse walks (moves) on hind legs
for varying distances. Either in straight lines or turns and circles.

Smile/Talking: Horse wiggles and lifts lips to simulate talking, singing or smiling.

Yes and No: Horse shakes head either up and down for a “yes” or side to side as a “no”.

Spanish Walk: Horse walks forward lifting front legs high and fully extended.
Horse can also stand with one leg extended to simulate pointing, shaking hands,
high fives, etc. Horse can also stand with leg up in folded position.

Hitting a ball: Horse chases a ball pushing it with his nose. Horse can also “head”
the ball like a soccer player. Can simulate a variety of sports such as: soccer, football, volleyball, etc.

Standing on a pedestal: Horse stands on a pedestal/box or other sturdy object with
both front feet or all four. Horse can also perform different maneuvers on the box either
spinning around the box while front feet are on it, jumping on and off box, leg raises
while on box, bowing off side of box, etc. Can be used to simulate the horse being much
larger by standing on platform above others. Can also be turned into horse working a
“teeter totter”
and rocking back and forth on a moving platform.

Liberty work: The horse can move out at a distance at varying speeds to perform different
maneuvers. Can be done with or without tack. Some of the movements that can be done are:
- a 360 degree turn done at varying speeds, changes of direction, stopping,
moving sideways, etc. Most tricks can also be done at liberty.

With enough lead time we can train our actors to do almost anything required for a scene or shoot!

The Actors Glossary of Terms

Studio liberty work: The horse knows how to stand in a studio set and work without tack.
May or may not have much movement depending on size of set. Rearing, lay
downs and most tricks can be done in studio.  

Modeling: Horse can hold a still position for photo shoots. Can stand in differing positions
with head, feet and body angles. Horse is trained to look certain directions while keeping
their feet still. They move very slowly on set to slightly change body angle, etc.

Set trained: Means the horse is trained to work under lights, strobes, and
confined spaces with cords on the ground, etc.

Celebrity safe: Means the horse can be sat on or posed next to by anyone whether
they have horse experience or not. Horse is trained to be very quiet and tune out
accidental bumps and unintentional signals.



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