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Our Photographer Jeff Anderson

Tintagel Enterprises Sarah found Jeff after a frustrating search for a photographer to do not only her commercial work but offer an artist’s view of her horses as well. Many well known photographers came through and frustration mounted as Sarah realized some of the photographers were totally creating their pictures through photo shopping. Sarah was looking for a fine art photographer where so many simply had good computer skills. Then one day after looking through many portfolios online one picture jumped off a website from a fairly local guy named Jeff. The first shoot with Jeff Anderson took place at Tintagel in the summer of 2007 and after just that first shoot; Jeff secured his place as Tintagel’s
exclusive photographer.

Jeff Anderson

Each year between the exquisite training and look of the Tintagel Talent horses and
Jeff’s unique eye for portraiture, the work being produced is inspiring, breathtaking
and challenges the standard notion of what a horse portrait looks like. The inside equine
sized studio makes shooting indoors under varying lights not only dramatic but great
training where many of the Tintagel horses get their earliest studio experience from the
time they are foals.

This extremely successful relationship means Tintagel can offer the services of not
only their horses but the use of the studio and Jeff for your next campaign needs.
The advantages of being shot at the Tintagel farm are that numerous horses can be
utilized and tried for far less money than it would cost to travel them to an offsite locale.
Since our horses are in their home environment it means we can also try more
“risky” stunts with them since they are comfortable and familiar with both the studio
and the surrounding outdoor grounds.

About Jeff AndersonTintagel is very proud to offer this complete service of Talent, plus photographer, plus location.
Please contact Tintagel to discuss your media needs.

Prints from the ongoing shoots taking place at Tintagel are available for purchase through: TintagelGallery.com


Jeff Anderson BiographyJeff Anderson

Born and raised in a farming region of northern Ohio, JEFF ANDERSON bought his first 35mm camera in 1972 at age 13. There he developed his eye for the natural world as he developed and printed his early works in his bedroom closet. He later went on to become an accomplished mountaineering guide and instructor, and augmented his income from these endeavors through his travel/ adventure photography. Jeff later directed the day-to-day operations of a youth center on the Cheyenne River Lakota reservation in South Dakota. During this time he assisted friends with ranching duties as a way to get some quality horseback riding time. He has also worked full time as a large animal veterinary technician at a prominent New England veterinary hospital, as well as engaging in freelance sports photography. For the past several years Jeff has been a highly successful studio portrait photographer. It is this synthesis of life experiences -action, adventure, culture, dynamic landscapes, and humanism that, when filtered through his portrait-studio trained eye, yields his unique style he likes to call “portraiture in motion.”

See his website at: JeffreyAndersonPhoto.com

Jeff is available for commercial and private shoots nationwide. Contact him through his website for details.


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