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Sarah Hollis, the owner of Tintagel Enterprises, trains all of the Tintagel Media horses herself.  Sarah explains why Tintagel Models & Actors are Uniquely Qualified.

Tintagel Tricks

The Tintagel Acting & Modeling horses are taught to hold a position or pose away from the handler.  This way, the horse can be photographed freely, without having a person in the frame. Each horse is developed carefully so they can hold a position for  as long as possible
in comfort. We attach or associate a verbal cue, a body language cue and an aid cue to each
trick, so under heavy distractions (lights, crew, production equipment, etc…)
we can keep the horses focused.

Horse Modeling

Tintagel horses are modeling pros; the horses are taught to hold poses and offer expressions on cue.

Tintagel horses are taught to hold poses
and offer expressions on cue.

Tintagel horses understand the processes of being photographed. They understand that the flash going off means
that the shot is done and prep for the next shot has begun. The horses hold a pose until the flash goes off then they relax.
Uther is one of our most creative horse models; he has learned to invent new positions and stances to add interest and
variety to a shot.

Performance – Free Thinking

The Tintagel performance horses are taught to listen and understand human intentions very clearly.
They are also taught to use options and think independently. This free thinking allows the horse performers
to invent new and unexpected positions, poses or moves which may make the photograph or film
more dramatic and unique.

On the Set – Safety First

All Tintagel Acting & Modeling horses are taught first and foremost to be safe on set. We use obstacle courses
and other props to teach our horses not to be afraid of new or strange objects. But, MOST IMPORTANTLY,
we teach Tintagel horses how to calmly & safely respond to unfamiliar objects or situations when they do occur.
It is these responses that make Tintagel horses safe on the set; Tintagel horses can be in confined areas with
expensive equipment and irreplaceable celebrities.

An untrained horse on a set can be a disaster waiting to happen.

Most celebrities or models are not riders and whether they are on the horse or next to the horse they
have to be kept safe. When working with animals, the unexpected can happen.
We try to think of any possible events and train our horses to cope with them.

Directing a Horse – Training is Key

A director may want to put a model in an unusual pose on the horse and that may startle the horse
if it has never felt that before. Models get bucked off or accidents happen because untrained horses
are used. Even a very quiet animal can startle when put in an unfamiliar situation. Training is the
key to the safety of all involved – human and horse models alike.

I think if more agencies knew that their clients were being put on an untrained horse for a shoot, they would never allow them to do it; the risk is just too great.

We have horses that we call “celebrity safe”.   We feel confident putting any non-horse person on or
around these horses.  So, if a model or actor has never been around a horse before, that’s okay,
the Tintagel horses are trained to handle these situations.

Lights, Camera, Action...

Most horses actually get used to the flash of strobes within a few snaps. It’s more the confined sets,
action of the many people and the controlled chaos of the entire shoot that can upset an animal.
Cranes, lights and boom handles also need to be gotten used to. While we cannot reproduce every
piece of equipment, we train the Tintagel horses around flashes and objects over their heads,
while in a confined area. With the amount of basic “calm” training they receive, Tintagel horses
don’t react violently to new objects. They trust that any situation will not be frightening
and will be a positive experience.

Pre-Trained or Custom

Tintagel Actors and Models are unique performance horses because they offer both pre-trained
performances and custom performances.  This means that we offer a ‘menu’ of horse tricks
that can be performed alone, or put together to create a horse skit or sequence.  Tintagel horses
can also be taught custom tricks, or sequences of tricks, specifically for an upcoming job or shoot.
We can create the looks, poses or tricks you are looking for.


Uther Pony Zoelynette Regaliz Uther Zoelynette Uther Zoelynette Uther

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